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"Wake up" A voice hummed him from his slumber. Jackman opened his green tinted eyes, searching the room with his exhausted loom. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. "You're awake?" He mumbled to no one in particular in the room.
"Dad" Hyde whispered. "Your bloodstream is too infected with the drug. I'm awake. I cannot go back to sleep."
Jek furrowed his brow, as he got up off the bed. He felt very downed with exhaustion as he pulled off his shirt and took another one from his drawer. "Where is katherine?" He said to the empty room.
"She's not home right now." Hyde replied inside his head.
"Hyde." He solemnly glared himself in the mirror with furrowed slits of green eyes. "Where is Katherine?"
"Why ask me? I won't tell you anything. Just watch the cameras."
Jackman yawned. He rubbed his eye with his palm. "Hyde, did you sleep at all?"
"Sorry. Why don't you sleep? I can take over for a little while, dad."
"No." He walked into the room with the strapped chair and the monitors. He took his own box and dialed the combination into the lockpad and opened it, taking out his wedding ring and putting it on his right hand on his third finger, usual as always every day.
It felt strange to have the both of them awake. He felt hyde lurking about in his head, searching through jek's thoughts. It began to make him a little uncomfortable, but that was just hyde.
Jackman looked over the footage, his tired eyes searching the film. He set the time to 7:00, the time he let Hyde control. His eyes went black and he thrusted around in the chair. He saw lips moving. He turned up the volume so he could hear.
"Hyde, I accidently left the lights off with you out of the chair." She spoke with wide eyes, quivering at this memory.
"Oh come ON." Hyde cried. He leaned back into the chair, smiling. His black eyes were directly on Katherine, his haunting expression of a psychopath.
"N-No.. just.. don't look at me.. please…" Katherine wanted to cry, turning her back to him. She remembered that day was the day she betrayed both him and jackman. The day she found real fear in Hyde, and soon transferred the fear to both of them, as if jackman really were just hyde. She knew he needed to be contained. That's why she joined the group against them. She never could look jackman--- nor his ego in the eyes directly. She never could. She was too twisted into a knot of her own misery to want to.
"KATHERINE! KATHERINE! KATHERINE!" He shouted her name over and over. She covered her ears, crying, as she doubled over and wanted it to end already. "Stop it hyde! Stop it!"
"Awwwww, is mommy getting scared of me?"
"Just.. hyde, be quiet.. please.."
Hyde felled into the back of his chair, rolling his eyes. "Why am I tied up now? Let me go!"
"You know why."
"Kathhherine." He smiled with his flashed sharp teeth. "Nothing bad can happen to you as long as y—"
"That's what you said last time you tried to eat me!" Katherine cried, a hot tear rolling down her face.
"Not keeping this professional now, are we?" He grinned. "Want me to tell ol' jekky you aren't taking good care of me?"
"Then go ahead!"
Hyde paused. "You're willing to get fired?"
Katherine shut her mouth right away. She knew if she lied to him, even once, he would break out of his straps and eat her face off. She shivered and continued her work in silence.
Hyde smiled, as he murmed lowly, staring at her with his dead black eyes, a smile on his face.
Jackman stopped watching the footage. "Why is she—"
"Daddy, everyone's scared of me." Hyde grinned.
"Why can't you keep one thing professional? Now she's bloody run off, hyde. It's all your fault.
"I'm a wild animal" Hyde whispered. "And she's just another meal."
"No" Jek shouted, turning his head to the mirror to look himself in the eye. "She is our co-worker and she is strictly business. She was trying, hyde! You can't exactly have someone that's perfect for this job, you know that?"
"Kathy, Kathy, tick-tick. She betrayed us, you imbecile. Don't you see she's working against us? She's only luring me closer to Them. Why do you still want to try? You always want to try more, try more. You put too much trust in everyone when you should only have me."
Buttoning up his shirt, he fixed his collar and sighed. "Hyde.."
Hyde had nothing to say.
"How strong was the dosage?"
"Don't you think I wouldn't be here talking to you right now if it were one drop?"
Jek walked out the door. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and put it to his ear. This way, he could continue to talk to hyde without looking like he was talking to himself, which he only basically was.
"Stop falling into everyone, jackman."
"What?" Jek asked, as he felt hyde shift inside him.
"You can't trust.. Anyone, jekky. Not anyone. You need to disappear, and I mean it. Your phone is a tracking device and anything you speak mobile is sent straight as a present to them."
"My phone is off. This is a decoy."
"No, jekky. I mean just throw it away."
Jekyll did like he was told. This was only a disadvantage. He could no longer talk to hyde.
"Looks like It's all listen and no speak." He heard a familiar maniacal laugh. "You have to walk now, jekky. Taking a train is a dead give away."
Jackman whimpered, as he badly wanted to tell hyde he actually couldn't do this, but he decided to look normal and just do as he was told, whether he wanted to anymore or not. Jackman looked frantically around him to let Hyde take a hint.
"Don't worry, those men don't know where you are, but as we speak they're tracking your cellphone down. You need to get out of this area, they'll be on the area like dogs."
Jackman stared right at black car.
"What are you trying to tell me, jekky? Just talk out loud, there's no one around, not yet."
"The vans" Jackman said. "There are black vans. That's when you know they're following you." Jackman looked behind him to make sure no one heard him talk to himself and think he was crazy.
"Damnit, let me take the wheel, dad."
"I can't, hyde. That's what they want. They just want you to come out."
"Get out of the area! They're coming for you!"
"Hyde, listen!"
"No!" Jackman felt a hard push with hyde's consciousness, as streetlights flickered all around them.

There was a long silence between them.
Jack felt his presence in his mind stinging like a sharp object pushed against your finger.
"Hyde, If you only get away from where I dropped my cellphone, I'll let you take over."
Jack felt hyde smile inside him. He shifted again, but this time, he was more controlling. Jekyll let him do this, this time. He stiffened sharply, and closed his eyes. When he opened them, they were black.
Hyde grinned and pulled a cigarette out of his pocket. Lighting it, he felt jek go to sleep.
The drug began to wear down as Jekyll was no longer awake in his skin.
Hyde began to laugh. "Goodbye" He chanted. He began to walk with real spring to his step, as he was no longer watched. He felt the other half of him go down like a child being drowned slowly falling to the bottom of a pool as if chain anklets were pulling them down.
Hyde was home alone again without his disapproving eyes glaring over his shoulders every step he took.
Hyde ran off, but not to do what jekyll asked.
Not what he asked at all.

OoOoOoOoO To be continued
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